women taking klonopin pill

How to quit Klonopin safely?

Klonopin, generically known as clonazepam is used to treat several psychological problems like panic disorder, seizure disorders, phobias, anxiety etc. This medication directly acts on the brain, binding to the GABA receptor to alter several chemical signals such that the required effect is induced in the user. Since the pill has direct activity on the brain, it is easily abused, such that the FDA placed the pill under schedule IV and Rx i.e. prescription drug with potential scope for addiction inorder to avoid the abuse of the pill.

But, several users get addicted to the drug even under the doctors surveillance, due to self-treatment and improper dosage. Doctors usually suggest the dosage of Klonopin anywhere between 1-5 mg to treat seizure disorders and for anxiolytic treatment, but several patients increase the dosage to get a faster result. This might result in several health complications.

Even the prescribed users of the medicine might feel the tolerance or dependence on approaching the later phase of medication. Doctors usually control the dosage by gradually decreasing the concentration of intake of the of this medicine. And here you can get the complete Klonopin withdrawal in detail.

Methods to quit Klonopin safely

First of all, understand the cause of this medicine dependency or addiction. If the doctor prescribed you the drug, then it is nothing much to worry about, because the doctor will find a clean solution for you to quit its usage. When you are feeling the Klonopin withdrawal symptoms,  You might notice that doctor will reduce the dosage of the med during the last few days of medication course.

Say you are using 5mg twice a day for a period of 6 weeks, your doctor will reduce the dosage to 2 mg twice a day using a 1mg tablet for last 10 days or 2 weeks and will further cut the supply to 1mg per day finally before stopping the usage of this med completely. This is called Klonopin withdrawal timeline.

If the usage of medication is not prescribed to you that is, if you are self-medicating, you might run into severe other health and mental complications. So, it is advised not to self-medicate the drug. Before you want to know whether you are addicted to the medicine, ask few questions to yourself in order to understand whether you are really addicted to the this drug or not.

  1. Am I using this drug without a prescription?
  2. Do I feel restless or impatient if one or two dosages is missed?
  3. Am I withdrawing from social life, work, family etc.?
  4. Am I seeking for higher dosage of Klonopin day by day?

If you got an affirmative answer for all the above questions, you might be suffering from a drug addiction, which often need the care of a professional doctor.

The safest clonazepam withdrawal is, by trying progressive dosage reduction, like how doctors do with their patients. But, if you are unable to follow such a practice, then you must consult a doctor to take part in any of the addiction treatment program.

To safeguard yourself from Klonopin usage

It is a pill with high potential for abuse. Make sure that you never try anything with dosage or concentration by yourself. Just follow whatever your doctor says, word by word. In order to reduce the affinity towards medicine, try natural remedy alongside Klonopin. You might try Yoga, aerobics, changing lifestyle etc. in order to accelerate a good result.