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I want to shift from Klonopin brand to Klonopin generic. Will this affect me?

Klonopin is a common drug that is used to treat and prevent seizure disorders. It works for most of the people, to whom it is prescribed. Taking or switching from one type of the same drug to another one totally depends on your biological system. It will work when your body lets it to do its work. Most of the people are now sticking to the medicine that works best to treat their medical condition. Let’s see how these two forms of the same medicine vary in treating general patient.

Shifting from Klonopin brand to Klonopin generic

It affects chemicals in the brain that may be unbalanced. The medication treats migraine, and many other similar conditions. Some of the patients who have switched from the brand to generic variant have not seen substantial change in the treatment of their disease.

Most patients suggest that, one should switch from the brand version to a generic version, only, if your budget is not allowing you to take the branded Klonopin. In many cases, the patients have talked about the decrease in the effectiveness of the drug once they switched from the branded to its generic version. There are some rumors that point towards the adulteration of the generic version of Klonopin.

Some people suggest getting consent from the doctor to help you out. By far this is the best way to get anything done in the medical field. Ask the doctor! But, if you feel that your doctor is leading you to a rod that will drain all of your money, then you have to see for yourself. But, there are customers who have to take two instead of one tablet a day, to receive an effective treatment, when they switched from the branded version to a generic form.

Final Verdict on shifting from Klonopin brand to Klonopin generic

Majority of the customers suggest that a person should stick to the branded version of Klonopin, till he/she feels that the branded version is wasting a lot of his/her money. Health is the most important thing in the world. You should not risk your life by getting a drug that is not fully effective on your disease. Again, the best way is to experiment. Try getting a small Klonopin dosage of the generic version, and if you feel that it is not working for you, then you should get back to the brand variant.

Well, the brand is a brand in the first place, as it has promised to provide the drug free from any adulteration. The brand is faithful, but, it may be hard in your pocket. So, my final advice is to review all the possible outcomes first, and then if you feel the financial burden that the branded one is causing to you outweighs all of the drawbacks that come with the generic version, then you should stick to it. But, in no situation you should continue with the generic version of Klonopin if you feel that it is not working at all.