taking klonopin pill

Klonopin makes me hyperactive. Is this strange?

Klonopin generically known as clonazepam is a benzodiazepine drug used to treat seizures epilepsy panic disorders, movement disorder etc. There are classified as schedule IV drug in the United States and their sales are regulated under the prescription from a certified doctor. Since the drug has an active benzodiazepine compound, getting hyper isn’t something strange.  During the consultation period, doctor might convey certain side effects to the patient in order to embrace up while experiencing these effects.

Hyperactivity is one such Klonopin side effect induced by the action of Klonopin’s active compound on the brain cells. It works by altering certain chemicals, signaling the brain such that, it confronts the perspective of the way the user thinks, finally suppressing the conditions like seizure, epilepsy etc.

When the brain receives any enhance chemical signaling, it is quite natural that the brain behaves a bit odd. Hyperactivity is characterized by several symptoms like restlessness, frequent movement, impulsive response, getting agitated easily, not staying focused etc.

The series of events that take place in the brain clearly affects once cognizant behavior. But, this happens only under certain conditions because, hyperactivity is usually resulted with overdose. Under normal therapeutic use, there are only few cases reported with hyperactivity.  When the user neglects doctor instructions or start to self-medicate, problems like these arise.

What are the detailed signs and symptoms of hyperactivity during Klonopin medication?

Though, there are no distinguishable signs and symptoms, hyperactivity is more like an unpleasant behavioral action among the users, which would point out them as odd in public very quickly. Some clear symptoms exhibited by Klonopin users are:

  • Constantly moving without staying relaxed in one place.
  • Inability to focus on particular matter like reading books, watching TV, attending any activities etc.
  • Klonopin high is marked by restlessness with the patient, when trying to stay calm, there by elevating heart rate and anxiety.
  • Impaired thinking ability or under mark short response ability.

Usually hyperactive people are restricted from doing daily chores like driving, walking down street, attending public functions, doing precision jobs etc.

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How to overcome hyperactivity during Klonopin usage?

Though there are no special norms or practice to do this, it is left to the choice of logic, but always be free to ask your doctor for suggestion. First of all, the user must accept the side effects and rational effects of the pill. Next step would be to stay calm and relaxed as much as possible. You may ask your doctor to adjust the Klonopin dosage or timing,in order to avoid any clash of medications with daily life.

The drug action remains for about 6- 8 hours in the system. So, you can adjust the dosage timing before sleep or as prescribed by the doctor. Be aware that, soon after the Klonopin medication, one might have drowsiness, so better take necessary steps to compensate the effect. Try to stay under the comfort of your home at least until the Klonopin drug action is over. Do not use the drug for more than 9 weeks, which might result in severe addiction that might be life threatening during the later stages of usage.