klonopin price difference

Klonopin Price Comparison: Buying Klonopin Online vs. Offline

Klonopin is a branded pill that can be bought at both retail as well as online stores. Now, obviously online pharmacies also sell generic Clonazepam as well which is substantially cheaper than the branded drug.

It is generally priced differently depending on a lot of factors,

  1. In the US due to patent protection the price of Klonopin is usually similar across most retail outlets. However, for those outside Europe though the prices may be slightly lower due to the fact that the sale of prescription drugs in usually restricted in such countries.
  2. A lot depends on the location, whether it is bought at retail or at online stores

In general, long term users of the medicine are better off buying Klonopin from online pharmacies as compared to retail as they may be able to save a ton of money in the process. Even though insurance may not be applicable to online pharmacies yet these pills regardless of dosage are priced so cheap that customer’s wouldn’t really need to bother about medical insurance in the first place. One can even reduce consultation fees by getting an online prescription for Klonopin.

What are the exact prices of Klonopin at retail and online pharmacies?

It is a popular anti-seizure drug that is found in several leading retail outlets be it Walgreens, Walmart, Target, CVS Pharmacy and Kroger Pharmacy. The prices too vary between the different stores. For example, sixty tablets of 0.5mg retails between $153 and $168 at various stores, 1mg Klonopin varies between $173 and $185, while the 2mg variant ranges between $188 and $213. Most retail outlets offer discounts to frequent buyers which may range from anything between 25% and 30%.

In online pharmacies though, the drug may be availed at much cheaper rates. Moreover Klonopin users are also provided with a wide range of benefits such as quick delivery, 24/7 access to online doctors and pharmacists and discounts. Several customers who order Klonopin online have benefited tremendously from the discounts which range between thirty and fifty percent of the cost price.

Let’s look at the prices of Klonopin at a few online drugstores especially the Canadian ones which are known to provide high quality pills that go through stringent quality assessments to ensure its authenticity. Moreover prices too are regulated by Canadian authorities that ensure that the prices are regulated and are in line with the median rates in European and North American countries.

2mg pills are available across various price ranges, thirty pills costs $87, sixty pills cost $147, ninety costs $180 and so on.

This is significantly cheaper than those available at retail outlets. However the price differs for different Klonopin dosing forms. Also the fact that frequent customers are given the opportunity to avail discounts ranging from anything between thirty and fifty percent, it suddenly begins to look like a bargain and definitely enticing for an average American customer to let go off.

The online prices for Klonopin go unmatched by retail outlets, let alone the discounts, rebates and offers announced time and again on the website which act as an icing on the cake.