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This terms and conditions include you being familiar with the changes in the website periodically. We are the sole owners of this website and we can terminate this services at any time without notifying to you or we may prevent you from using our services without notice. You agree that you do not have any rights in this services and cannot be able to own any of the partnership if you try to make changes in these websites would lead us blocking your access to our services.

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We are solely own or licensed to all the contents including the services, images, videos, logos, trademarks and user content. You may access this information for your personal and information purpose only, it should not be used for commercial purpose.     Our content may be protected by the national and international copyrights, patent and all other rights which are reserved by the respective owners. Copying, editing, publishing, or distributing any of our contents without our knowledge is strictly prohibited.

We cannot guarantee that our information we display is correct, complete and true including the images, information and product pricing. You are able to comment or write a user content on the website that we will display but you are not allowed to link any third party website with our service which is forbidden by our terms and policies.

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We always wanted to provide a positive user experience, so we monitor the users such as the pages they visit or the links and comments. You agree to this for which the users are not allowed to exploit any external outbound links, disturbing images, or contents and wrong or abusive information etc. We are strict to follow the rules and we provide only the authorized legal information. Under no circumstances, we are responsible for the irrelevant content posted on the website.

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